Friday, February 3, 2017


To sail through life in safety,
not giving more than you intend,
just keep your manner friendly,
but never seek to be a friend.

If you’d be highly thought of,
and loath to bear another’s grudge,
keep all your scruples hidden
and never dare their sins to judge.

You will avoid much trouble
and dodge the darts of grief and shame
if you take responsibility,
yet never, ever bear the blame.

You’ll never have to wonder
about which gaffes you're guilty of
if you refuse to render
your energies to this thing called “love.”

God bless the true spectator
who’ll watch the game with jaded eyes,
not fighting, yet defending
his royal right to criticize.

Be never branded “hypocrite”--
have endless freedom truth to search:
just leave the Book unopened,
and keep your path clear of the church.

To some, nothing is sacred...
aren’t they the ones who truly see
the senselessness of virtue?
the humor of absurdity?

Yes, keep your options open.
Be no man’s fool. Sharpen a wit.
Come, join the carefree legions
who’d rather perish, than commit.


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