New Guests to the Gap


In my sci-fi novel Bru and Bacchus, the "Spiral Gap" is the sector of our galaxy where people in the future are settling three new worlds: the planets Generaton, Heavenforge, and Reunion.

I've named my blog the Spiral Gap because every new piece of original writing can open up a "new world" in itself! If you are a writer, you know well what I'm talking about...

Now that you're here in the Gap, I hope you can stick around and explore some of my new "worlds"... by checking out the pages listed at the top of the blog ... AND by clicking on the Past Posts and Archive links over on the right hand side.

If you become an official "follower" of the Spiral Gap blog, you may be eligible to win a free copy of Bru and Bacchus by leaving thoughtful comments, sharing links with others, and even submitting your own poems, stories and articles for me to read and post here.

Below is a listing of some of my favorite Spiral Gap posts to get you started. For now, thanks again for stopping by. I hope you will be a frequent visitor to this friendly corner of the online cosmos!

God bless, and remember: " NOT the final frontier!"

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